A billionaire from North Africa will invest massively in several countries: La Nouvelle Tribune

Hassan Allam Holdingan engineering and construction titan, led by the Egyptian billionaire businessman Hassan Allam, announces its commitment to invest massively in African projects. This ambitious initiative, which represents an investment of 200 million dollars, extends to several countries on the continent, such as Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Libya, Rwanda, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau.

This strategic partnership was made possible through an agreement with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), a renowned pan-African financial institution. This financial pact, officially signed by key representatives of each party, paves the way for a series of major projects in sectors such as engineering, procurement, construction, building materials and public services.

The scope of this initiative underlines the determined commitment of Hassan Allam Holding to stimulate the economic development of the region, taking advantage of its proven experience in carrying out large-scale projects. With more than eight decades of experience, the company has built a strong reputation in key areas such as engineering, construction and utilities. As one of the largest private companies in North Africa and the Middle East, it has an order book exceeding $3 billion, demonstrating its dominant position in the industry.

Under the illustrated guide ofHassan Allam and his brother Amr Allam, the company has always maintained a prominent place in the sector, contributing significantly to the economic development of the region. This is evidenced by its central role in the successful execution of large-scale projects, thus highlighting its ability to catalyze growth and provide essential infrastructure.

This great initiative is the continuation of the international expansion of the group, preceded by its plan of implementation in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the recent historic agreement with the Uzbek government demonstrates its continued commitment to collaborate on various projects in Central Asia.