A co-pilot threatens to shoot the pilot mid-flight

A California pilot who served as co-pilot on a Delta flight is accused of threatening to shoot the captain if he changed the plane’s route because of a passenger’s medical emergency.

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The individual believed to be responsible is named Jonathan J. Dunn. He was formally charged with interfering with the crew of a commercial flight on August 22, 2022.

“They disagreed about what to do to change the flight because of a medical problem in a passenger, Dunn told the captain he would be shot multiple times if he changed the ‘flight route,'” states the U.S. Department of Transportation United in a press release. .

The indictment says Mr. Dunn allegedly “assaulted and intimidated a crew member, interfering with the performance of the crew’s duties and impairing his ability to perform those duties, and allegedly used a dangerous weapon attacking and intimidating crew members. .

Defendant was in lawful possession of a weapon during the flight, having obtained a permit from the Transportation Security Administration’s (FDA) federal flight deck officer.

Delta Air Lines states that Mr. Dunn is no longer one of their employees.