A fashion tycoon guilty of sexual assault, his son has a surprising reaction: La Nouvelle Tribune

Father-child relationships can often be complex, but rarely as much as between them Pere Nygardformer fashion giant recently convicted of sexual assault, and his son, Kai Zen Bickle. Bickle, who chose to take his mother’s name, surprised some by publicly denouncing his father. His unexpected reaction after Nygard’s conviction speaks to the depth and complexity of family ties, especially when they are tainted by criminal acts.

Peter Nygard was found guilty of sexual assault against four of the five women who accused him, following a seven-week trial in Toronto. canada. Although he denied the allegations, the court found the evidence presented against him sufficient. This fall of a titan of the fashion industry was a shock to many observers, but for his son it was the culmination of a long and painful confrontation with the truth.

Heartbreaking testimony during the trial revealed a pattern of systematic abuse. The victims described Nygard as a ” monster ”, using his power and status to lure them in and attack them. Details of the assaults cast a shadow over Nygard’s influence in the fashion industry, revealing a dark side often hidden behind glamor and success.

Kai Bickle bravely called on other potential victims of his father to come forward, stressing that the sentence was only ” the submerged part of the iceberg This position is all the more remarkable as it comes from his own son. This case raises critical questions about the abuse of power and the need to protect victims in industries dominated by powerful figures.