Africa will prioritize its interests according to Rwanda – La Nouvelle Tribune

Amid global tension, African nations are increasingly aware of the importance of prioritizing their own interests. This trend is clearly manifested in the recent statements of African leaders that highlight the move away from sentimentality in international affairs. The current context, marked by crises such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, highlights this new strategic orientation.

African countries, historically influenced by Western powers, are beginning to take a more inward approach, seeking to balance their international relations while looking after their national interests.

The general secretary of the International Organization of La Francophonie, Louise Mushikiwabo, recently highlighted this innovation during an interview with AFP. He highlighted the change in attitude of African countries, especially those of the Francophonie, towards their former colonizers, in particular the France and stated that these countries are no longer al sentimentality.

A general trend

This trend towards increased pragmatism is reflected in several situations, such as the abstention of several African countries during the UN vote condemning the Russian offensive in Ukraine. The measure highlights a growing desire among African nations not to get involved in conflicts where their interests are not directly involved.

“Many countries are against the invasion. But they position themselves in relation to their interests, as does the West for its part. The Senegalese leaders will think of their people before blindly supporting the position of a nearby country like France. .. There is also and above all the issue of bad governance in these countries, and the feeling among young people that official France has supported these systems.the world is changing, Africa has changed a lotThe aspirations of African youth go beyond the former colonizing power. It is no longer just Paris that matters to these young people. They look for other adventures, other opportunities in other places »said Mrs. Mushikiwabo.

In addition, heavyweights such as South Africa, as the great economic power of the continent, have clearly expressed their will to maintain a policy of non-alignment. president Cyril Ramaphosa stated that his country would not take sides in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

This statement is significant because it illustrates South Africa’s resistance to pressure from major powers such as the United States, its second largest trading partner. This neutral stance is rooted in the continent’s painful memories of proxy wars and colonization, and reflects a desire not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

By refusing to become a playground for the superpowers, South Africa and other African countries seek to write a new chapter in their history, where they are autonomous actors and not pawns.

Therefore, Africa’s current approach to world affairs is marked by the search for balance and autonomy. African countries, prioritizing their interests and disassociating themselves from traditional influences, seek to redefine their role on the international scene. This development represents a crucial step in the political and economic development of the continent, offering a new perspective on how Africa interacts with the rest of the world.

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