After month of war, support for Israel plummets and neutral messages predominate, says Quaest

Subject of the greatest political mobilization in Brazil since the attacks of January 8, the war between Israel and Hamas remains a debate with broad repercussions on social networks, but with significant changes in support for Israelis and Palestinians and the predominance of neutral messages, according to Quest monitoring obtained by CNN.

The proportion of pro-Israeli messages was 75% on October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel, and remained at least 50% throughout the first 12 days of the conflict, peaking on October 10, with 84% of messages and content favorable to the country, reeling from the terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas.

With the advance of the Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip and the deterioration of the humanitarian conditions of the Palestinian civilian population in the territory, criticism of the country’s government increased and neutral messages began to prevail, as well as an increase in the proportion of professional positions.-Palestine.

Since the weekend, the volume in favor of the Palestinians has been higher than that of the Israelis, reaching on Wednesday (8) the highest share in the historic series, with 30%.

In absolute numbers, pro-Israeli mentions were over 526,000 on the 7th, reaching a peak of 782,000 on the 10th – pro-Palestinian posts almost reached 114,000 on the same day on the 7th and rose to 121,000 on the 10th.

This spike is explained by the fact that it was the day when Quaest monitoring recorded the highest volume of content on the networks, including 926,000 quotes on the conflict in Gaza.

As of the last day of monitoring, Quaest detected nearly 184,000 mentions, the lowest volume in the historical series, of which almost two-thirds were classified as neutral.

This date was also the first to show less than 10% content favorable to Israel.

Compared to other topics that have mobilized Brazilians on social media, the war maintains a significant daily average, although the volume of mentions and reach have decreased significantly. On a daily average, the war between Israel and Hamas did not generate more debate than on January 8, but it had a much greater impact than the attack on the headquarters of the Three Powers in Brasilia.

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