Amadou Ba engages the second gear: La Nouvelle Tribune

In February 2024, Senegalese will be called to the polls to elect the next president of the Republic. who will win Macky Hall ? For many experts, this presidential election promises to be very indecisive. The declared candidates are real heavyweights in the Senegalese political scene and the battle will be intense. Macky Sall chose Amadou Ba like a dolphin

The current Prime Minister is known for his high sense of state and his mastery of the issues. The competition will be very tough for Amadou Ba, because he will face tenors of the political landerneau. We especially think about Idrissa Seck, Khalifa Salland probably Karim Wade . For the Sonko case, nothing is yet definitive although the possibilities of the leader of the PASTEF decreases as we approach D-Day.

The sponsorship campaign is in full swing and Amadou Ba was on a trip to the commune of Fandène.The 62-year-old man was received with honors in Fandène. The municipal authorities have pulled out all the stops so that the trip of the head of government takes place in very good conditions.

Amadou Ba expressed his desire to make Fandène a pole of growth for the entire region of Thiès . He declared that the municipality can benefit from first-rate infrastructure that will stimulate a new dynamic. To achieve this ambition, the prime minister is asking for the support of the neighbors to help him win the presidential election.

During their meeting, Amadou had this to say: “You saw that when I arrived, my finger was raised. It is the symbol of our motto: “One people, one goal, one faith”. But it is also a message aimed at the presidential elections. It will be in the first round.”The coalition’s candidate for government has been sharpening its weapons for a few days. Its different outputs are well prepared to leave no room for any defects.