An LD deputy asks the government: La Nouvelle Tribune

The government of benign he was questioned in the Benin parliament on an issue that goes back a long time. This is the file of 18 kg of cocaine on the businessman from Benin, Sebastian Germain Ajavon. The deputy of the Democratic Party, Michel Sodjinou, questioned the government through a series of four non-debated oral questions in order to find out the follow-up that has been given to this issue that has been in the headlines for some time.

Sébastien Germain Ajavon, The unsuccessful candidate, who came 3rd in the 2016 presidential elections, was convicted by the Court of Repression, Crimes and Terrorism, while for the same reason, the businessman was acquitted with the benefit of the doubt in November 2017 by court of Cotonou. A fact that the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights qualifies as a violation of the principle according to which no one can be prosecuted and punished twice for the same offences. He also requested the annulment of this conviction of the employer.

As a reminder, in October 2019, the African court sentenced benign for violation of the employer’s right not to be tried by a competent court before making a new decision in November of the same year in which it condemns the State of Benin to pay the employer a sum of 36,000 million francs for damages and damages suffered in this case. called the case of 18 kg of cocaine.

The deputy Michel Sodjinou of the Democratic Party, according to our source, questioned the executive of Benin to find out the follow-up to be given to the decisions of the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights. A series of questions presented as follows:

  1. Why were the decisions handed down by the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights not respected in favor of Mr. Sébastien Ajavon;
  2. The measures taken by the government to comply with these decisions;
  3. The measures taken by the government to end the exile of the person concerned and ensure his return and safety in Benin in accordance with Article 16 of the constitution;
  4. The measures taken by the government to sanction officials and authorities who violate the rights of Mr. Sebastien Ajavon and consequently the constitution.