Ana Hickmann returns to social media and says she’s ‘getting stronger every day’

In another social media post, the model and presenter Ana Hickmann said, in an article published this Thursday morning (16), that he is getting stronger every day.

The photo was taken while Hickmann was preparing her look and makeup for the TV show she hosts, “Hoje em Dia,” on TV Record.

Ana Hickmann returns to social networks / Reproduction/Instagram

A few hours before, the presenter had already reappeared to thank her fans for their support and affection in recent days, given the repercussions of the attack she suffered from her husband, Alexandre Correa.

“For the first time I’m looking at social media because I moved and I couldn’t watch the news because there was a lot of truth, but a lot of untruths that hurt me. It is very important to have the support of everyone, so that we can continue to have courage and face whatever lies ahead,” he said.

The presenter also stressed that she will fight for her life and that of her 10-year-old son: “I am a woman, I am a mother and that will never change for me. I will fight for my son, for my life, for my business, for everyone around me and for those who truly love me.

The case

The presenter Ana Hickmann filed a complaint against her husband, Alexandre Côrrea, for assault. Saturday afternoon (11), at the family home in Itu, in the interior of São Paulo.

To the police, she reported that she was talking to her 10-year-old son in the kitchen when Alexander heard, did not like the content of the conversation and started an argument with the presenter. The child, frightened, allegedly ran out of the room.

According to the police report, Alexandre pushed his wife against the wall and threatened to headbutt her, an accusation he denied on social media.

While trying to retrieve his cell phone, which was on a table, Alexandre closed the kitchen door, hitting Ana Hickmann in the arm. At that point, according to the bulletin, the presenter locked her husband out of the room. That’s when he managed to call the police. When the Military Police arrived, Alexandre was no longer there.

At the police station, during his testimony and the recording of the police report, Hickmann refused the protective measures provided for by the Maria de Penha law.