Another 605 people receive permission to leave the Gaza Strip; Brazilians are not on the 5th list

The fifth list of foreigners authorized to leave the Gaza Strip was published this Tuesday (7) by the Brazilian Embassy in Palestine.

Once again, Brazilians have not been included and must wait for the authorities to publish a new list. Currently, 34 Brazilians are in Gaza awaiting authorization to leave the territory through the Rafah border crossing, on the border with Egypt.

According to embassy information, citizens of the following countries were allowed to leave Palestinian territory in the context of the war in Israel:

  • Germany: 159 people
  • Canada: 80 people
  • France: 61 people
  • Philippines: 46 people
  • Moldova: 51 people
  • UNITED KINGDOM: 2 persons
  • Romania: 104 people
  • Ukraine: 102 people

To date, approximately 2,831 people have been allowed to leave the Gaza Strip:

  • 1st list: around 480 foreigners;
  • 2nd list: 576 foreigners;
  • 3rd list: 571 foreigners;
  • 4th list: 599 foreigners;
  • 5th list: 605 foreigners.

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Itamaraty withdraws deadline

Itamaraty sees an impasse and has given up on setting public deadlines for the departure of the 34 Brazilians from the Gaza Strip.

According to the Brazilian diplomats with whom the CNN discussed, it is no longer possible to establish an estimated departure date for the Brazilians.

Since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, the Brazilian government has set dates that have never been respected. Itamaraty tried to slow down the cleansing so that all information on the subject would be transmitted only by the chancellor, in order to avoid further erroneous predictions.

There is believed to be a standoff between Egypt and Israel, caused, according to Brazilian diplomats, by Israel’s bombing of ambulances believed to be filled with Hamas soldiers, sparking unease among Egyptian authorities and led to the closure of the border in Egypt. Egypt, Saturday (4).

Previously, Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira said on Friday (3) that Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen had given guarantees that Brazilians would leave the Gaza Strip by next Wednesday (8).

(Published by Gustavo Zanfer, with information from Pedro Nogueira and Caio Junqueira)