Anti-Semitic violence in Montreal

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Let’s talk first about what happened at Concordia University.

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We have not witnessed a confrontation between pro-Palestinians and pro-Israelis.

We have witnessed the attack on Jewish students by fanatical pro-Palestinians, who believed they had the right to rely on physical violence.


Remembering this is not about siding with one side over the other, but describing the facts as objectively as possible.

I would like to point out that I believe in the right of the Palestinians to have their own state, although I believe that Hamas has distorted this quest to use it in the service of Islamism.

We then talk about the shootings against the Jewish schools in Montreal. These features express a desire for murder of the same nature as that which manifested itself and materialized on October 7.

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Whoever shoots a school, even if it is empty, confesses his desire to shoot down children. And in this case, Jewish children.

These events must be placed in a global context.

This context has a name: the globalization of Islamism.

It was confirmed with the multiplication of pro-Hamas demonstrations on both sides of the Atlantic.

This globalization of Islamism is not the result of chance, but the almost inevitable consequence of Muslim immigration throughout the West.

Not that all Muslims are Islamists, obviously. To say so would be absurd. But Islamism works with contemporary Islam. This is not a fringe movement.

This Islamism is not always terrorist, we tend to forget that.

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It focuses more generally on the peaceful and demographic conquest of the West. This is the project of the so-called Muslim Brotherhood, notably analyzed by Florence Bergeaud-Blackler in her book Brotherhood and its networks: the research.

Islamism has a strategy: it seizes the rights and freedoms offered by our societies in order to Islamize them, capitulation at a time.

If we are not firm before him, sooner or later he will overcome us.