Bankrupt at 22: Ruined by a romantic relationship, she has to move back in with her grandmother

Young Quebecers are increasingly represented in insolvency proceedings in Quebec. Our Research Office and the show me he met several young people who went bankrupt before they turned 25.


  • FIRST NAME : Audrey Vallières
  • AGE : 22 years old
  • CITY : Repentigny
  • BANKRUPTCY : March 2023
  • CAUSE : insufficient income, return to studies


A troubled romantic relationship with an older man is said to have completely ruined Audrey Vallières, who found herself bankrupt in her twenties.

“I, when I love, would do anything for this person. (…) He dragged me into his financial problems”, he gets angry.

Audrey was 18 when she left school. Despite a financial situation that was far from ideal, he co-signed a contract with his partner at the time to allow her to pay for a vehicle, he says.

Her lover also asked her to move a few times, because he was changing jobs.

  • Listen to the interview with Pierre Fortin, president of Jean Fortin et Associés, liquidator, via Radio QUB :

“Well, I had to follow him,” he explains.

At one point, even though he had a steady job in a warehouse, he says he realized he couldn’t see himself doing this for the rest of his life. So he resigned and signed up for welfare.

However, he would not have declared to social assistance the income he earned from odd jobs done here and there. And she was trapped.


“I owe a lot to welfare,” he laments.

Before she regained control, Audrey says she went through a very dark period.

“They really are unimaginable sources of stress! Not sleeping, I experienced it there before doing business with Raymond Chabot (a trustee), it’s disgusting,” he explains.

“You no longer have credit and you are no longer accepted anywhere. Would you like a loan, it’s impossible”, she says, regarding the bankruptcy procedure to which she is committed.

In order to get back on track, Audrey moved back in with her grandmother. His bankruptcy is costing him $100 a month, an improvement over the $133 a month it cost him for a proposal he considered but ultimately did not come to fruition.

The dropout says she is taking steps to resume her studies. He wants to dedicate himself to car mechanics soon.

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