Behind the scenes of the election of his replacement in the Senegalese presidential elections – La Nouvelle Tribune

The political party chaired by the Senegalese opponent Ousmane Sonko he has obviously decided to take his destiny into his own hands in the face of the uncertainty of his leader to participate in the next presidential elections. Indeed, this Sunday, November 19, the name of Bassirou Diomaye Faye, the general secretary of Pastel was announced to replace the Senegalese opponent. According to information reported by the Senegalese media Source Athe choice made by the general secretary of Pastel was not unanimous.

The bar associationOusmane Sonko he also objected to the option regarding the election of a substitute. Legal experts indicate that, in reality, the Dakar Court may give a favorable decision Ousmane Sonko. The court of Senegal has the obligation to resolve the conflict within 10 days following the judgment of the Supreme Court. The other problem with which the field of the Senegalese opponent could be found is the possibility of a second cassation appeal that the law offers to the judicial agent of the State in case of a decision favorable to Sonko.

But in the face of all these uncertainties, the Senegalese medium Font A indicates that Ousmane Sonko did not want to run the risk that his party would be absent from the next elections. His political party has already changed its slogan. “Sponsoring Diomaye Faye means sponsoring Sonko”, now indicates Pastef. This option comes in a context in which the Senegalese opponent has been in prison for several months. A few days ago, the Supreme Court of Senegal overturned a ruling that reinstated the jailed opponent in the presidential race in February 2024. It specified that the case would be tried again, according to its president. Ali Cire Ba.

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