Belo Horizonte and the metropolitan region could lack water due to the heatwave

The Minas Gerais Sanitation Company (Copasa) has issued a warning on the importance of conscious water consumption during the period of high temperatures recorded in recent days in the state.

Due to the heatwave, the population’s water consumption increased by an average of 20%, which could lead to intermittent water supply in the coming days in some areas of Greater BH, particularly in the most remote towns. further away from the water production system, such as Esmeraldas, Igarapé, Lagoa Santa, Mateus Leme, Pedro Leopoldo, Ribeirão das Neves, Santa Luzia and Vespasiano.

According to Copasa, this is exclusively due to the sudden increase in consumption, since the water production system is normalized and operating at maximum level.

In addition, the level of the reservoirs that make up the Paraopeba system – responsible for water supply throughout Greater BH – is 71%.

“Even with maximum production, localized shortages can occur, due to high consumption, causing an imbalance in the system. And we are counting on the partnership of the population to help reverse this situation,” warns Copasa Superintendent Ronaldo Serpa.

The company also highlighted that it is constantly monitoring the supply scenario in Greater BH and that operational teams are carrying out maneuvers to guarantee supply to all regions and help normalize supply as soon as possible. .

The alert addressed to Copasa is that the population collaborates by avoiding waste and using water consciously, especially for customers of properties located in low-lying areas of towns in the metropolitan region and which are supplied, so that other points can also be served. Normally.

Guidelines to avoid interruption of water supply:

  • Do not wash the sidewalk. Use the broom instead;
  • Avoid washing cars or using a bucket instead of a garden hose;
  • Take quick showers;
  • Water the plants with a watering can and not with a garden hose;
  • Leave the tap turned off while brushing your teeth or shaving;
  • In the kitchen, also turn off the tap while soaping the dishes and, before washing them, remove as much food debris as possible;
  • Reuse the water from the washing machine.

The heatwave remains

The red alert, of great danger of heatwave, issued by the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) is valid until Friday (17).

Like most of the country, Minas Gerais is facing the third heat wave of the year and one of the most intense in history, the intense heat can be felt in all 853 municipalities of Minas Gerais.

The Minas Gerais Meteorology and Water Resources System (Simge) also issued a warning regarding record thermometers and low humidity across the state.

The Triângulo, North-West, Central and North Minas regions are expected to be the most affected, with maximum temperatures predicted to range from 39°C to 44°C.

For other areas, including the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, thermometers are expected to also break records, varying between 36 and 39°C.

The heatwave is the 3rd of the year in MG and the longest. In August, there were four hottest days; in September there were six days, and this time the high temperatures started on November 8 and are expected to last until the 17th.

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