Bill Gates makes an unusual visit to Belgium: La Nouvelle Tribune

Bill Gates, the famous IT tycoon and co-founder of Microsoft, recently surprised the world by exploring an unexpected place during his trip to Belgium: the sewers of Brussels. Usually dressed in tech conference suits, he ventured into the underground tunnels of the Belgian capital for World WC Day on November 19. This foray into an unusual environment captivated the attention of millions of Internet users, who watched the video of this visit on social networks in record time.

The 68-year-old billionaire shared his atypical experience via a miniclip posted on his Instagram account. We can see Bill Gates exploring the dark bends of the sewers of Brussels while commenting, with some dismay, on the nauseating smell that reigned there. His spontaneous reaction to this unpleasant atmosphere did not fail to arouse interest, thus revealing an unusual side of the billionaire accustomed to conferences on technology and his philanthropic involvement.

Beyond his feelings about the smell, Bill Gates used this experience to raise awareness about the importance of wastewater management. In his video, he exposed the Belgian capital’s water treatment methods and highlighted the crucial impact of these practices on public health. He spoke prominently about the use of wastewater to detect various diseases, such as Covid, polio and other pathologies, thus demonstrating the importance of scientific advances in this field.

This visit to the sewers of Brussels is part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s initiatives aimed at improving health conditions in developing countries. Bill Gates has expressed his desire to generalize access to dry toilets, especially in regions suffering from water shortages. Its approach aims to promote sustainable health solutions to support the most vulnerable populations and fight diseases linked to insufficient hygiene conditions.