Black Friday 2023 brings an unmissable promotion

One of the most anticipated events of the year, both by trade and consumers, the sexta-feira Negra, it happens. This year it takes place on November 24 and is of even greater importance given the economic scenario in Brazil.

An important indicator, the gross domestic product (GDP) is increasing (it is expected to reach 2.31% by the end of the year), signaling a possible increase in the consumption capacity of the population and, therefore, therefore, higher sales during the period. Sexta-feira Negra.

And expectations are high. According to data from Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm) is expected to see a 9.5% increase in sales compared to 2022.

The projections are so optimistic that, to take advantage of the opportunity, most companies have been launching promotions since the beginning of November.

Claro’s Black Friday, for example, offers broadband with the largest Brazilian streaming platform and even Wi-Fi to connect the whole house. There is 500 Mega with the best Brazilian streaming and 2 mesh extensions, for only R$129.90/month on Multi with mobile. Now you can watch your favorite series, from any room and with the best connectivity.

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