boss Sam Altman was fired – La Nouvelle Tribune

OpenAIthe pioneering company in the field of artificial intelligence with its popular chatbot ChatGPTmade a major change by ousting its CEO and founder, Sam Altman. The decision, announced on Friday, sent shockwaves through the emerging AI sector. According to OpenAI’s press release, an internal investigation uncovered some inconsistencies in Altman’s interactions with the board of directors, leading to a loss of confidence in his ability to lead the company.

Waiting for a definitive successor, Look at Muraticurrent technical director, will assume the role of Interim CEO. This transition comes as OpenAI just held its first developer conference in San Francisco, an event that saw Altman unveil new updates to AI tools, highlighting the scale of ChatGPT’s use by businesses and developers

Sam Altman, thanks to ChatGPT launched at the end of last year, quickly established himself as an iconic face of generative AI, a technology now integrated into tools like Microsoft’s search engine and competed by other products like ” bard » from Google. The growing popularity of ChatGPT, used for a variety of applications, had firmly established OpenAI’s reputation in the AI ​​world.

Post-launch concerns

The introduction of ChatGPT, an AI developed by OpenAI, has raised concerns about the automation of work, with a study by Goldman Sachs suggesting that 300 million workers could be affected. Many US employers are adopting ChatGPT for a variety of tasks. This mass adoption has led to layoffs, as by June, 48% of companies had already reduced their workforce and 33% expected more layoffs by the end of 2023. However, some limitations of ChatGPT have been noted, such as now the quality is sometimes insufficient. in his work.

This change in direction at OpenAI comes amid intense debate about the future of AI, with figures like Elon Musk asking for more focus cautious. This turning point could mark a new era for OpenAI, in the face of rising expectations from regulators and society.