Brazilians excluded from 3rd list of foreigners authorized to leave the Gaza Strip

The third list of foreigners authorized to leave the Gaza Strip was published this Friday (3) by the Brazilian Embassy in Palestine. For the third day in a row, the Brazilians were not selected and must wait for a new list.

According to Ambassador Alessandro Candeas, the countries included in this third wave are Germany, the United States, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

A total of 571 people were released, including 367 Americans and 127 Britons.

Brazilian Ambassador to Egypt Paulino de Carvalho Neto said CNN On Monday (30), there was no “very short-term” forecast regarding the departure of the 34 Brazilians from the Gaza Strip.

“We cannot predict when this will be the case. This isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. No deadline has been set for their departure. There is nothing to predict in the very short term that they will be withdrawn. Today there is no way to remove them,” he said.

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On Wednesday (1st) and Thursday (2), respectively, the first and second lists were published with the nationalities considered to leave Gaza through the Rafah crossing, on the border with Egypt.

In total, the two lists add authorizations for Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Indonesia, Jordan, Japan, Czech Republic, Red Cross members and NGOs, l Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, South Korea, Croatia, United States, Greece. Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Switzerland, Sri Lanka and Chad.

In addition to the 367 Americans released this Friday, the second list had already authorized the passage of 400, for a total of 576 foreigners, according to the embassy.

Exit of the Brazilians

In an attempt to include the group of 34 Brazilians in the next waves of civilians evacuated from the Gaza Strip, Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira called this Thursday (2) afternoon the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry.

In the conversation, according to reports made to CNNShoukry pledged to “make efforts” tomorrow to ensure that Brazilians are included on the next lists.

Itamaraty expected that this telephone contact between the chancellors was unlikely to have practical effects this Friday (3). It is hoped, however, that the Brazilians can be released from Gaza to Egypt within a few days.

Brazilian diplomats heard Thursday at the ministry’s headquarters in Jerusalem that there was no Israeli interference in the preparation of the lists and no discrimination against the country’s citizens.

Earlier, in an interview with CNN, Ambassador Alessandro Candeas, head of Brazil’s representation in Ramallah (West Bank), said there was a lack of “clear criteria” on the lists of people authorized to leave Gaza through the Rafah crossing. “There are no transparent criteria. It seems relatively random to us,” Candeas said.

(Published by Gustavo Zanfer, with information from Priscila Yazbek, Caio Junqueira, Daniel Rittner and Thais Arbex)