Brazilians not on 2nd list of foreigners allowed to leave Gaza, embassy says

The Brazilian embassy in Palestine published this Thursday (2) the second list of foreigners authorized to leave the Gaza Strip, still without Brazilians.

According to Ambassador Alessandro Candeas, the countries concerned are Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, South Korea, Croatia, the United States, Greece, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia , Mexico, Switzerland, Sri Lanka and Chad.

The American group has 400 people. A total of 576 foreigners were allowed to leave Palestinian territory, according to the embassy.

The first group of injured crossed the Egyptian border and left the Gaza Strip in ambulances on Wednesday, local Egyptian media and a border source told Reuters. Around 500 people are expected to leave Palestinian territory.

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First list

The first list of foreigners authorized to leave Gaza through the Rafah crossing was published on Wednesday 1st, authorized by Egypt and Israel. There were no Brazilians in this first wave.

The first authorized citizens come from Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Indonesia, Jordan, Japan, Czech Republic, Red Cross members and NGOs.

For the first time, foreigners were allowed to leave the Gaza Strip. New lists will be published soon, according to the Brazilian Embassy in Palestine.

Qatar negotiated a deal between Egypt, Israel and Hamas, in coordination with the United States, to allow foreign passport holders and seriously injured people to leave the Gaza Strip, a source told Reuters.

Passage of the Brazilians

According to the investigation carried out by the political analyst of CNN Caio Junqueira, Brazil’s Ambassador to Egypt, Paulino Carvalho, said CNN does not have information on why Brazilians are not on the list of foreigners allowed to leave Gaza this Wednesday (1), but said there are signs that Brazilians who are in the region will be able to leave Thursday (2nd) or Friday (3) across the country’s border.

“We don’t know why there are no Brazilians, but we know that other countries are not on the first list either. Chinese, Russians, Americans, Italians and others. It’s not something specific against Brazil,” Carvalho said.

“What we do know is that it will be done in installments. There is a maximum exit limit of 500 to 1,000 people through Rafah Gate. And we have indications that the Brazilians could leave tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Everything will happen gradually,” he said. CNN.

The ambassador said it is estimated that there are between 5,000 and 7,000 foreigners in the Gaza Strip and that the Brazilians, once expelled, will travel to Cairo before settling in Brazil.

Ambulance fleet

About 80 Egyptian ambulances arrived at the Rafah border with the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning to receive injured Palestinian patients, an Egyptian border official told Reuters. CNN in the passage.

The patients were the first known Palestinians to be allowed to leave Gaza since the war began more than three weeks ago.

Egypt has prepared a field hospital to accommodate the wounded of Sheikh Zuwayed in Sinai, according to medical sources.

(Published by Gustavo Zanfer, with information from Caio Junqueira and Teo Cury, from CNNof CNN International and Reuters)