Bulletins of the week in the National Assembly: Eric Girard scores in his goal with the Kings

Here are the elected officials or political party leaders who have stood out for the right or wrong reasons over the past week.

Eric Girard, CAQ

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

He hasn’t convinced anyone of the merits of paying $5-7 million in taxpayer money for two Los Angeles Kings preseason games in Quebec. Unable to detail the possible economic consequences linked to these two nonsensical parties. Another walk of the CAQ through the National Capital.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, QS

File photo, QMI AGENCY

Solidarity was hit hard in the sides through the pages of his former colleague Catherine Dorion’s book, at a very bad time, a week before the QS congress. At least, he reacted well, with composure, and showing empathy for the mental health problems that the ex-elect revealed.

Virginie Dufour/Joël Arseneau, PLQ, PQ

Photo courtesy and archives

More housing must be built, but both elected officials are right to raise concerns about the exceptional powers granted to cities to circumvent planning regulations. The element presented by Minister Duranceau through a simple modification of her law was not subject to consultation.

Benoit Charette, CAQ

File photo, QMI AGENCY

In Montreal, single-use plastic is banned, but there are disparities between districts and, above all, there is no uniform rule in Quebec. The Environment Minister will lead a consultation and then present a national strategy that will force municipalities to move by 2024.


Badly tuned violins for Kings!

“There is no signal for the national league, there is a week of hockey for the people of Quebec.” -Eric Girard, Minister of Finance

“We had to send a signal to the NHL to tell them we exist.” -Bernard Drainville, Minister of Education

Photo AFP

Violence against an elected official

Charlevoix–Côte-de-Beaupré MLA Kariane Bourassa revealed on QUB radio that a mayor in her sector grabbed her by the throat in an exchange that went wrong. The cadet apologized the next day. The world is not well…

Photo courtesy CAQ

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