Bulletins of the week in the National Assembly: Legault escaped

Here are the elected officials or political party leaders who have stood out for right or wrong reasons over the past week.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, PQ


Specialists question his economic projections of a sovereign Quebec. But with its year 1 budget, the PQ took up media space inversely proportional to its number of MPs, while irritating François Legault, forced to play Captain Canada. The PSPP was well prepared. He must be laughing under his breath.

François Legault, CAQ

File photo, Stevens LeBlanc

Monsieur, I had invited Jean Charest to the inauguration of the Romaine, and had paid tribute to him. How could he turn his coat around to the point of saying this week that there is nothing “more insulting than being called Jean Charest”? A gratuitous disrespect to a former prime minister.

Pierre Fitzgibbon, Samuel Poulin, CAQ

Screenshot taken from a National Assembly video

It took time, but at least the energy minister requested an investigation by the Competition Bureau and summoned gasoline retailers, given the evidence of abnormally higher prices in Quebec. Vigilante, the member for Beauce-Sud set the ball rolling by calling for an investigation into his sector last summer.

Christian Dubé, CAQ


He acted to preserve the independence of foundations and research funds, without bending the bottom line of his reform, despite enormous pressure from the six former prime ministers. He must remain focused on his will to break the management of silos, which is far from optimal for citizen services.


Jean discovering… Abitibi

Photo Stevens LeBlanc/QUEBEC JOURNAL

As soon as he was named head of the region, Labor Minister Jean Boulet flew to Abitibi. He met with prefects, community organizations and other chambers of commerce on Monday to familiarize himself with the region, without a local representative at the cabinet table.

Where is GND?

File photo, Martin Chevalier

Most of the time, the leaders are present during the morning press conferences of the opposition parties. This week, GND has given way to its deputies, in particular Andrés Fontecilla, who had not done any press review. Lack of preparation? As a difficult session for supporters…