Burna Boy breaks a new record: La Nouvelle Tribune

nigerian singer Damini Ogulubetter known by his stage name Burn Boy, has recently reached a new milestone in his already impressive career. In addition to his musical success, Burna Boy distinguished himself on the international scene by becoming the most followed artist on the music streaming platform. Audiomack, accumulating more than 5 million subscribers. This resounding success adds to a series of remarkable achievements in his career.

This remarkable milestone in Burna Boy’s career is a testament to his growing influence not only in Africa, but also on the global music scene. His popularity on Audiomack, where he attracts an average of 3.5 million streams per month, confirms his status as a music icon. With a total of 1.3 billion streams on the site, Burna Boy once again proves his influence in the music field.

Meanwhile, Burna Boy continues to shine in the music awards arena. Recently, he was honored at the ceremony of BET Awards, winning the award for Best International Artist for the fourth time. This victory, acquired against renowned artists such asUncle Waffles, TiacolaI Aya Nakamuraconsolidates his position as an influential artist on a global scale.

However, it was not without some challenges that Burna Boy continued his path to success. He has experienced setbacks, most notably during the 65th edition of the Grammy Awards where he lost in two categories. Despite this, his single “Last Last” continues to be a smashing success, illustrating the resilience and determination of the artist.

Burna Boy’s impact extends beyond the world of music. Its recognition extends to influential figures worldwide, such as the American billionaire Bill Gatesthat the artist mentioned during a visit to the nigeria. This mention highlights the growing influence of Afrobeats, a genre to which Burna Boy has contributed greatly, and its adoption by international audiences.

Burna Boy’s continued rise in the music world is a testament to his exceptional talent and growing influence. Breaking records and winning the hearts of listeners around the world, Burna Boy confirms his status as a global superstar, not only as a musician, but also as a cultural icon.