Caio Junqueira: Brazil must accept that this is not Milei’s priority

Javier Milei presented, this Monday (20), the first lines of his plans to save the economy from the Argentine disaster. The economic package defended by Milei follows a classic liberal recipe, with reduction of the State, privatizations and control of inflation.

It was clear that more radical projects, such as dollarization and the end of the central bank, would not be a priority, at least for the moment.

It was also clear that relations with Brazil would not be a priority at the moment, to the point that Javier Milei summoned a former president, not the current one, for his inauguration.

Additionally, Milei chose Washington, not Brasilia, as her first international trip.

Brasilia reacted badly, but must accept the idea that this is not a priority for Milei. This is not our biggest problem.