Caio Junqueira: Milei will face the curse of anti-Peronism

You don’t break a country and you go unpunished.

Ultra-libertarian Javier Milei defeated Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa by a considerable margin of votes in one of the most exciting campaigns in recent years.

It showed that the desire for change of the majority of Argentines spoke louder than the fear campaign of the Peronist candidate, a movement that is a partner in Argentina’s economic disaster.

Aside from the obvious challenges Milei faces – a dystopian economy, uncontrolled inflation and half the population living in poverty – politics will be key to his government’s success.

Most of the reforms he advocates require Congressional approval. And he doesn’t have a majority for that.

Most of the reforms he defends need the support of the streets, controlled by the Peronist machine for decades.

Most of the reforms he defends need the support of civil society, and 44% of the Argentine electorate said no to his political project.

Argentina’s recent history shows that there is a kind of anti-Peronist curse in the country.

Raul Alfonsín gave up his position six months before finishing.

Fernando De La Rúa resigned.

And Maurício Macri was not re-elected.

History is a good advisor.

Or Javier Milei sits down to agree on his project.

Or Peronism will return in four years.