China has an asset that worries the West: La Nouvelle Tribune

During the last two decades, the chinese army has advanced considerably, transforming its military capabilities in spectacular ways. This rise in power, marked by important technological advances and a substantial increase in defense spending, allowed china become one of the most powerful military forces in the world. More recently, the development of its Type 096 nuclear ballistic missile submarines witness to this evolution, which represents a qualitative leap in terms of naval technology and deterrence capabilities.

Emphasis on stealth Type 096 it is a great concern for Western countries. This is confirmed by the site that cites a report american These submarines, more difficult to detect thanks to the integration of advanced technologies, pose a direct challenge to the surveillance and defense systems of opposing nations. The implications of this improvement are profound, reminiscent of Cold War tactics at sea.

A significant offensive capability

In addition to their stealth, the Type 096s are distinguished by their offensive capability, capable of launching Ju Lang 3 intercontinental ballistic missiles with an impressive range. This increased capability, along with China’s rapidly expanding nuclear arsenal, is changing the balance of global military forces, forcing Western countries to reconsider their deterrence strategies.

Faced with these developments, the response of UNITED STATES and its allies, especially through the alliance AUKUS, becomes even more crucial. However, the current limitations of these powers and the delays in the implementation of countermeasures programs highlight the need for rapid and effective adaptation of their defense and surveillance strategies.

China’s development of Type 096 submarines marks a turning point in global military force dynamics. These technological advances, together with the increase in offensive capacity, represent a major strategic challenge for the West, highlighting the urgency of a global reassessment of defense and deterrence strategies in the face of this new geopolitical reality.