CNN Innovation: Tripoli talks about digital innovation with the vice-president of PespiCo

Oh CNN Innovation debuted this Monday (13) directly from the Web Summit, in Lisbon, one of the largest technology and innovation events in the world.

On the first day of the event, publicist and presenter Marcelo Tripoli spoke with PepsiCo Global Vice President Athina Kanioura.

In the interview, Athina explained how the consumer industry giant is transforming marketing, sales and supply chain through digital marketplace.

“We’ve done a lot of education from the ground up. So culture, we attack culture. Bring together the lower and middle levels of the company to continuously train them. This is our strategy, this is where we want to get to,” Athina said.

The executive also explained how a company the size of PepsiCo can drive digital transformation.

“Addressing the culture of the organization to make it much more forward-looking. We are also there to design the company’s strategy,” he added.

CNN Innovation

Oh CNN Innovation is a content series, in a multi-platform format, that addresses the impact of technological developments on people’s lives and the way they do business.

With a presentation by publicist Marcelo Tripoli, the CNN Innovation is broadcast every week, during the newspaper CNN prime time, at 20 hours. Every Monday, Tripoli speaks live with presenter Márcio Gomes on topics from the universe that touch on digital transformation.

In addition to bulletins in CNN prime timeTripoli will have a column on the CNN Brazilin addition to the presence on the company’s YouTube channel and social networks CNN.

*With information from CNN.