Damage from storms “Ciaran” and “Domingos” is estimated at 1.3 billion euros in France

With 1.3 billion euros in estimated damage, the financial toll of the storms ciaran I Sundays is among the highest in climate episodes in France, France Assureurs said on Monday.

This bad weather that affected the north-west of France between 1huh and on November 5 “it caused a total of 517,000 casualties” and “the total cost amounts to 1.3 billion euros”, according to this organization.

The two storms, which left three dead and at least fifty injured in France, swept mainly the west and north of the country, as well as Corsica in the Mediterranean.

From a material point of view, ciaran I Sundays they already rank fifth among the most devastating storms in mainland France,” explains France Assureurs.

ciaran it hit several countries on the European Atlantic coast – France, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands, mainly, as well as Italy –, and Sundayswhich followed, but less violently, chiefly affected the west of France.

Lotar I Martinwhich swept through France in late December 1999, were by far the most devastating: 92 people died and the damage cost insurers €7 billion at the time, the equivalent of €13.8 billion today taking into account inflation, according to France. insurers

Then arrive daria, Herta I Viviana in 1990 (3.4 billion current euros), Klaus I Quinten in 2009 (2.6 billion) and Xynthia in 2010 (2 billion).

More recently, storm damage Alexwhich devastated the interior of Nice and Menton on the Côte d’Azur on October 2, 2020, was estimated to cost at least one billion euros.

As for the hurricane Irma which swept the islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélémy in the French West Indies in September 2017, the total cost of damage was estimated at €3 billion, including €1.9 billion of insured property.

For ciaran I Sundays“91% of the losses refer to private homes, 5% correspond to professional, agricultural and local body goods and finally 4% correspond to cars”, specifies the sector federation.

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