Debate in Argentina: Massa questions the mental balance of Milei, who calls his rival a “delinquent”

The current Minister of Economy of Argentina and government candidate for the presidency of the country, Sergio Massa, declared this Sunday (12), during the last debate before the second round, that it is necessary to have ” moderation, capacity, mental balance and contact with reality to be able to move Argentina forward” and challenged Javier Milei to both pass a psychotechnical exam.

“Do you have any by chance?” Milei asked about Massa’s list of skills for a presidential candidate. “Let’s both do psychotechnics, which you denied,” the minister replied to Milei.

“No, I said I was ready to do it. How am I going to refuse if every time I enter a business I have to? You who lived from the state, you never did,” Milei replied.

Massa questioned Milei’s motivation for proposing the abolition of the country’s central bank. “Tell people why they didn’t renew their internship at the Central Bank. This is very important because it is part of this discussion regarding psychotechnology. I understand that you are angry with the Central Bank and that you are talking about destroying it because at one point you felt rejected,” the minister accused.

In an Instagram post this week, Milei said it was fake news that she was having psychological issues or talking to her dead dog. The discussion between Massa and Milei about the psychotechnical examination took place after a strong verbal confrontation in the corruption debate.

Regarding free education and health care – Milei proposes replacing the financing of institutions with vouchers so that the population can choose to attend public or private places – the libertarian economist told Massa: “These solutions altruists are the justification that delinquent politicians like you use to put their hands in the pockets of Argentines and distribute (the money) to whoever you want.

The minister replied: “Javier, if you have evidence of a crime I committed, I will wait for you in court on Monday. Otherwise, withdraw. Do you have any crimes to report? Milei then responded that Massa “is part of the most thief government in history,” which has “many procedures.”

Massa argued that if Milei knew about the crimes and did not report them, “he would be failing in his duties as a public servant”, and eventually heard from Milei: “Maybe you look the other way with the political force you you address. belong”.

The vice-president of the current government, Cristina Kirchner, was sentenced to six years in prison for fraudulent administration to the detriment of public administration when she was president of the country, between 2007 and 2015. She, who is also president of the Senate. and affirms that she is persecuted by the Argentine justice system, that she has privileged jurisdiction and that she can only be arrested at the end of her mandate.

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