Does anyone speak French?

My star of the week, neither of the month, nor of the year, goes to Manuel Tadros.

The actor, presenter, father of Xavier Dolan and father of the song It’s Zero by Julie Masse, lost to a company unable to serve her in French in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Coudonc, how many stars will it take to sound the alarm so that we wake up collectively and shout together to the companies that make fun of us: “Not serving us in French is ZERO!”?


This is exactly what Manuel Tadros wrote on social networks (including coronations).

“There is a Tim Hortons on the corner of St-Urbain and Ste-Catherine. Right in front of the TNM and the entrance of the PDA artists. Six workers work there during peak hours. Not ONE single person speaks French. I ask for salt (I don’t understand ), milk (I don’t understand).

“I know that employees are hard to find and that they are more easily found among immigrants. But can you, calisse, teach them at least the few words necessary for a fucking coffee??? Salt, milk, coffee, numbers $$. It’s depressing. Really!! It’s even outrageous.”

If this Tim Hortons address gives you a big thrill, it’s because as recently as April 2022, it’s exactly where theater man Serge Denoncourt made his move!

At the show Good night, said: “I went to the Tim Hortons in front of the TNM, the largest French-speaking theater in the United States. “Hi, I’d like a #1 with a Diet Coke.” “We don’t speak French “. “Well, there is someone who speak french?”“. “No, we don’t have anyone who speaks French”.”

I feel like if I’m a company that gets screwed over by a star on a popular show, I make sure to remedy the situation.

However, since April 2022, nothing has changed at this donut and coffee vendor, located between the Théâtre du Nouveau-Monde and the Place-des-Arts, two of the highlights of Francophone culture in a francophone city of a French city. -speaking province!

Researcher Frédéric Lacroix recently lamented that the media has said little about the OQLF figures. In an interview on QUB radio on Monday, he told me, for example, that “only 16% of Quebecers who were educated in English at the post-secondary level prefer to use French in local stores.”

And after that, will they tell us that there is no problem with the number of Quebecers going to CEGEP or university in English?

rare in the butt

Did you know that “almost a third of the thousands of complaints received by the OQLF concern the lack of service in French in retail stores”?

Therefore, the Office launched a very funny campaign on the web in October of this year.

To the tune of It will get wet everywhere of Oscar Thiffault, emblematic figure of Quebec folklore, the young comedian Danick Martineau sings: “We understand each other, we understand each other, we understand each other, being able to be served in French has become rare in the end.”

Hopefully it will be more successful than the peregrine falcon.