Don’t bring us your war!

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has led to several violent incidents on the territory of Quebec. The fight at Concordia University between people from the Jewish and Palestinian communities and the shootings at Jewish schools are some examples.

In view of the demonstrations that had taken place earlier, we could foresee the clashes that have taken place in the last few days as each community clings firmly to its positions and accuses the other of all evils.

Although there are people from both communities who are willing to join hands, it is more the animosity that is winning at the moment. Living together on Canadian soil is taking its toll, despite Prime Minister Trudeau’s calls.

Paradoxically, the latter is to some extent responsible for this rift with its multiculturalism that generates communitarianism and ghettoization.

The PSPP is right

The leader of the Parti Québécois is right to fear an unprecedented social crisis linked to immigration while our governments are setting thresholds without much thought to our ability to welcome and integrate newcomers.

The European situation is illustrative on this issue, as we see in several countries resentment against migrants and immigrants, a dramatic rise in far-right parties, even among Scandinavians, and a resurgence of urban terrorism.

Immigration is necessary, but we cannot avoid a debate to collectively determine our expectations and the type of society it should be part of.

Otherwise, inter-community tensions, including the host community, will only grow into multiple value oppositions.

The tensions between the Jewish and Palestinian communities demonstrate this.

Long live the peace

We can hope for a ceasefire and lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict despite having little influence.

However, we must ensure peace at home by making the necessary decisions for today and tomorrow.