Elon Musk announces the availability of his Starlink Internet service: La Nouvelle Tribune

THE benign enter a new era of connectivity. Elon Muskthe visionary behind revolutionary companies like you are here I SpaceXrecently confirmed on Twitter that its satellite broadband service, Starlink, is now authorized and available in Benin. With a terse yet evocative tweet, “ Starlink is now authorized in Benin!“, Musk expressed the progression and expansion of his ambitious project on the African continent.

The announcement was amplified by a retweet from the company Starlink itself, which read: ” Starlink high speed internet is now available in Benin“. This development is a significant step forward for the country, as a large number of regions in Africa, especially in rural or remote areas, often struggle to access a stable and fast internet connection. Starlink promises to change this reality by providing global Internet coverage through a network of satellites in low Earth orbit.

The arrival of Starlink in Benin has the potential to boost the economy, strengthen online education and support startups and businesses that depend on a reliable internet connection.. Also, in this era where digitization is becoming more and more widespread, having access to a stable and fast connection has become almost as vital as access to electricity.

Benin as well as other African countries like nigeriaTHE RwandaTHE Kenyathere zambiaTHE Malawi and the Mozambique, joins a growing list of nations benefiting from this innovative technology. For Elon Musk, this is just another step towards realizing his dream of connecting every corner of our planet. For people in these countries, this is the opportunity to access a world of unprecedented possibilities, thanks to a high-quality Internet connection. See the countries served by starlink here.