Elon Musk wants to compete with two web giants: La Nouvelle Tribune

Over the years, the web giants have been constantly evolving, adapting to new trends, technologies and changing user needs. Companies like Google, Facebook O Amazon started with relatively simple service offerings and grew into diversified conglomerates touching almost every aspect of digital life.

These giants have demonstrated an impressive ability to innovate, integrate new features and conquer new markets. Xthe company formerly known as Twitter, perfectly illustrates this dynamic. Under the leadership of Elon Musk, X has embarked on a radical transformation.

Towards a video and professional platform

Since his purchase of Twitter Inc., renamed from X, Elon Musk has shown growing ambitions. During a recent meeting that brought together all X employees, to celebrate one year since Musk’s acquisition, new strategic directions were revealed. Elon Musk has expressed his desire to compete against two big names in the network: Youtube I LinkedIn. This, in a quest to diversify X’s activities in the areas of video and recruitment.

Elon Musk’s journey with X is marked by unexpected decisions. After acquiring the company for a whopping $44 billion, he quickly undertook a major overhaul, removing much of the management and prompting numerous resignations.

Subscriptions to replenish the coffers

Musk, in his approach, redesigned the product by emphasizing premium subscriptions and changing the notion of ” verification “accounts. It also implemented an innovative system of verification of information by the community, called ” Community notes“.

The subscription strategy still seems to be in the growth phase. Although the number of subscriptions has increased considerably, they still represent only a small fraction of the X user base. New targets have already been identified for 2024, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, the aim of increasing advertising revenue