Enem candidate is arrested by mistake while taking the exam in Recife

A 50-year-old man was mistakenly arrested while taking the national high school exam (Enem) in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, on Sunday (5). He was unable to complete the examination and was forced to leave the room and taken to the police station by the police. After officers realized the mistake, he was released.

Marcos Antonio Gomes da Silva has the same name and date of birth as a suspect who also registered for the national exam in Pernambuco.

Authorities had previously identified two Enem candidates with outstanding arrest warrants in the state, the Federal Police (PF) and the Pernambuco Social Defense Secretariat (SDS-PE) said in a joint note.

They identified that the test site for one of the names was the Assis Chateaubriand school, south of Recife. And they went there to arrest the man.

At the police station, however, authorities verified the error due to discrepancies between the names of the arrested man’s parents and the name that actually appeared on the arrest warrant.

Both the PF and the SDS-PE declared that the Registry of Individual Taxpayers (CPF) of Marcos has an alert in the search and prevention system of the federal police, carried out by the Court of Paraíba, and that, therefore, measures are underway.

Marcos’ lawyer, Allan Negreiros, said CNN who found that there were no warrants for his client in the national database and that because it was a very common name, it could be a police error.

The lawyer also claimed that there was a lack of zeal in the operation and reasonableness as they did not wait for the candidate to complete the assessment.

Allan Negreiros also said that it was unclear whether Marcos Antonio would apply Enem again in December, as he was very shaken by the situation. The defense said Marcos dreamed of studying at a university and had prepared for the assessment for a year.

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*Text edited by Marcos Rosendo
*Published by Pedro Jordão, from CNN in São Paulo