Even if limited, the opening of the border in Gaza indicates the start of dialogue, believes the professor

The opening of the Rafah border, in Egypt, for the exit of the wounded and foreigners from the Gaza Strip, marks the start of a “process of dialogue and negotiation”.

This is what Denilde Holzhacker, professor of international relations at ESPM, defends.

Following an agreement negotiated by Qatar, in coordination with the United States, between Egypt, Israel and Hamas, the wounded began to leave the enclave this Wednesday (1st).

A CNN Radiothe professor explained that the agreement is still “limited”, because it does not provide for the immediate departure of all foreigners – Brazilians, for example, will not yet be covered.

“This is already a step forward in the impasses we have witnessed in recent weeks,” he said.

Denilde points out that Israel and Hamas have not shown flexibility at this stage of the conflict.

However, “in the face of international pressure and humanitarian impact, there is the possibility of moving towards a broader negotiation and a possible peace conference for a permanent ceasefire.”

The expert nevertheless believes that there is still a long way to go to reach a peaceful outcome.

* Produced by Isabel Campos