False friends of the Palestinian people

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Is Israel totally wrong, not at all wrong, a little wrong?

Is Hamas totally wrong, not at all wrong, slightly wrong?

We could talk about it until the next ice age.


In this tragedy, two fundamental aspects are obscured.

The first is the extraordinary hypocrisy of the Arab regimes.

The second is the indignation at variable geometry of many Westerners.

In 1948, Ben Gurion declared the birth of Israel. Seven Arab armies immediately attack the nascent state.

For solidarity with the Palestinians, for anti-Semitism, to prevent American influence, to gather their own populations around their respective regimes, etc.

Israel wins and, from then on, although several of these countries will attack it again, its priority is no longer – in fact, it never was – the fate of the Palestinians.

The more the years pass, the more the only concern of these regimes, all authoritarian, will be their own survival, their own maintenance in power.

One after the other, several will normalize their relations with the United States and Israel, sometimes directly signing trade and political agreements.

The billions received will hardly reach their miserable populations. They will serve to consolidate their apparatuses of repression to cling to power.

“Solidarity” with the Palestinians will be ritually evoked, like a cassette tape, but little else.

Some like to point out that Israel receives billions from the United States. TRUTH

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Arab petro-monarchies prefer to spend billions buying football clubs in Europe or growing luxury cities in the desert.

The Palestinians? From time to time we will send them a few boxes of food, books or medicine.

We ask Europe to unblinkingly welcome all these migrants fleeing the Middle East, but we hardly ask the Arab regimes to welcome their Palestinian “brothers”.

Today, when a Palestinian falls under an Israeli bullet, we get emotional. Rightfully so.

But when Palestinians fall under Arab bullets, or kill each other, where is the outrage of the good souls in the West?

Where was the outrage when Syrian butcher Assad cut off water, electricity and food supplies for two years to the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp?

Where was the outrage when the Lebanese army, exasperated by the destabilization of its territory by Islamists, razed the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared in 2007?

Zero or almost no outrage, too, in 2005, when the Palestinian factions of Fatah and Hamas killed each other to seize power after Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza?

Zero outrage also over the proven fact that the leader of Hamas lives comfortably in Qatar and has become a millionaire, like other leaders of the movement, by charging a 20% tax on all goods entering Gaza?

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Israel certainly has its flaws. But Israel, solely responsible for the suffering of the Palestinians?

No, it’s much more complicated. These people are also betrayed and manipulated by their own leaders and by the regimes in the region they claim to be united.