Far left activists are ridiculous!

If you found it Will by Denys Arcand caricaturing the wokes, you will see that reality goes beyond fiction! A young French journalist “infiltrated” the far-left activist movement and was able to show its true colors.

All skeptics who find that the chroniclers of diary exaggerate when we talk about the excesses and dangers of wokism should read the book The new inquisitors by Nora Bussigny that has just arrived in bookstores in Quebec.


Yes, alarm clocks exist. Yes, they make you laugh. Yes, they are full of inconsistencies. Yes, they can be violent and hateful.

Nora Bussigny did real investigative journalism for the “I”. For a year, she “disguised” herself as a far-left activist, adopted their vocabulary (microaggression, misgendering, cisgender, intersectionality, disability) by participating in their demonstrations, their discussion groups, their social networks and his course (sociology). at the University. And what did she discover?

Anti-racists who are racist, progressives who are reactionary, activists who advocate tolerance but are intolerant of heterosexuals, men, whites and non-transgender people.

Surreal characters like Pensée (a bearded man who dresses in pink from head to toe and who asks to be called “ael”) and Nuage (who wants to be called “ul”).

Organized college “debates” without excluding whites or men.

These little priests practice “militant purity”: we are never ideologically pure enough.

Nora Bussigny tells the mind-blowing story of an obese woman who was welcomed with open arms by vigilantes when she wrote a book denouncing fatphobia, but was violently rejected and called a fascist by the same vigilantes the day she expressed the desire to lose weight!

The book’s most telling anecdote takes place during a pride parade titled, since this is France, Radical Pride.

Nora is enlisted by law enforcement to tell white people participating in the parade that they cannot be with “people of color” and that they must move back at the end of the procession. These champions of inclusion happily practice… segregation! It’s Rosa Parks in reverse!

During a meeting on police violence, we denounce “police that kill” And chant slogans like “a good cop is a dead cop” and “a cop, a bullet.”

During another meeting, it was pointed out that secularism violates women’s rights. Not a word about monotheistic religions being sexist and misogynistic.

Nora Bussigny talks about his “sick intransigence” and the “ordinary fascism defended by new inquisitors”.


I dream that in Quebec, a young journalist disguises herself and infiltrates Québec solidaire, sociology classes at UQAM or antifa demonstrations, to inform us of what is said behind closed doors. But it would be at your own risk.

In an interview on my show on QUB radio, Nora Bussigny told me she was the target of cyberbullying. Events promoting her book had to be canceled because her employers feared for her safety.

For the wokes, it’s very naughty to attack a woman…unless it’s a woman who doesn’t think like them!