Felipe Neto blasts Botafogo coach after defeat; look

Botafogo’s defeat in the Rio classic against Vasco, on the 32nd day of the Brazilian Championship, angered digital influencer Felipe Neto.
A black and white fan, Felipe has not spared his criticism of coach Lúcio Flávio on social networks.

“The greatest popcorn maker in the history of this club. The coach who shouts “That was a foul, damn it!” “. He encourages with “Go, blessed one.” This defeated shadow should have left Botafogo as soon as it became SAF. But it stayed… Stayed… Stayed… And now it’s here. With him, even G4 won’t succeed,” said the influencer.

Botafogo took the lead in the 3rd round and since then were no longer as threatened as they are today. Without winning for four matches, the Rio team stands at 59 points, the same score as Palmeiras, second. Just behind Alviverde, with 58 points, Red Bull Bragantino is also still strong in the title fight. In addition to Lúcio Flávio, Felipe Neto also blames the team for Botafogo’s poor phase in this final stretch.

“The whole team is made up of popcorn makers, not just Lúcio Flavio. It is simply because only under the leadership of this loser will it be possible to lose this title,” Felipe emphasized.

Next Sunday, Bragança’s Paulista team will host Botafogo at the Nabi Abi Chedid stadium and, depending on midweek results, could overtake Fogão in the overall standings. This Thursday, Lúcio Flávio’s team faces Grêmio, 4th with 56 points. If the Gaucho tricolor wins, it will be tied in number of points with its rival from Rio de Janeiro.

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