Fighting for peace in Gaza means fighting for peace here

In recent weeks, like the entire Montreal community, we have been surprised by the increase in acts of hate against the Jewish and Arab-Muslim communities.

Unlike some organizations that seek to “essentialize” anti-Semitism, to isolate it from other forms of racism and discrimination, Independent Jewish Voices considers that any act of racist hatred, regardless of the community it is directed at leads, is a threat to all communities. Currently, it is the Palestinian people who are bearing the brunt of the racist dehumanization that seeks to justify mass murder. We must not lose sight of Gaza when fighting anti-Semitism.

It is dishonest and misleading to combine anti-Semitism with solidarity with the Palestinian people and the defense of their most fundamental rights. How can we want to protect Jewish communities while denying that same protection to the Palestinian people? This is an untenable position.

However, in recent days, discourses suggesting this fraudulent amalgamation are gaining momentum. We denounce them unequivocally.

As Jews who care about respect for human rights, we call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This is not anti-Semitism, it is consistency with the same ideals that our politicians claim to defend. Except when it comes to the Palestinian people?

Let’s be clear: slogans in favor of the liberation of the Palestinian people are not anti-Semitic, signs on the subway calling for an end to the atrocities in Gaza do not constitute anti-Semitism, defending peace and justice is not anti-Semitic. semitic The struggle for justice, human rights and peace is at the heart of our Jewish values.

In this sense, we want to give our support to Bochra Manaï, commissioner for the fight against racism and systemic discrimination of the Montreal City Council, who has been the subject of criticism in recent days for having expressed her solidarity with Palestine in the social way. Nets.

Fighting for peace in Gaza means fighting for peace here. Fighting for justice for the Palestinian people means fighting for justice here.

Our security, that of the Jewish communities in Israel and in the diaspora, is intimately linked to the security of the Palestinian people. We have known this for some time, and since October 7 you have also known it.

You say you want our safety? Stop making unacceptable amalgamations between anti-Semitism and solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Stop using our fears and desire for safety to further your own interests and political views. Have the courage to report what is happening in Gaza. Join your voice with ours to demand a ceasefire and an immediate end to the violence.

Never again, it’s now, for everyone!

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