Final in a single match? Find out what the Volleyball Super League litigation model will look like

With both combinations already underway, the Volleyball Super League celebrates its 30th anniversary in this edition. For both women and men, the season will include 22 qualifying phase matches, played in rounds and returns. From there, the top eight qualify for the round of 16, and the two teams that score the least are relegated to Superliga B.

During the round of 16, the bracketing will remain the same as in the last edition. The team ranked first will face the eighth, the second will receive the seventh, the third will enter the field against the sixth and finally, the fourth will compete for place against the fifth. At this stage, the clashes will be played in the best of three matches. The best placed in the initial phase guarantee control of the field in two of the three matches.

In the next stage, the semi-finals follow the same pattern. The final will be played in a single match. The venue will be decided by the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) before the start of the playoffs.

Throughout the season, more than 220 matches will be broadcast on closed television, on Sportv2, including at least 28 in the round of 16. In addition, the Canal Vôlei Brasil subscription platform will receive around 160 games.

See the list of the greatest champions of the Women’s Super League:

Rio de Janeiro – 12 titles

Minas and Osasco – 5 titles

Supergasbrás, Sadia and Sorocaba – 3 titles

Fluminense and Praia Clube – 2 titles

São Caetano, Paulistano, Atlântica, Lufkin, Ribeirão Preto and Uniban – 1 title

See the list of the greatest champions of the Men’s Super League:

Cruzeiro – 8 titles

Minas – 7 titles

Banespa – 5 titles

Cimed and Pirelli: 4 titles

Ulbra and Suzano – 3 titles

Taubate – 2 titles

Bradesco Atlântica, Botafogo, Paulistano, Olympikus, Sesi-SP, RJX Rio de Janeiro, Frangosul and Unisul – 1 title