Florida: 13-year-old boy stabs mother to death, then turns himself in to police

He kills his mother and then sends photos to his friends before calling 911 to confess to his crime.

“Why did you kill your mother?” — that’s the difficult sentence a 911 dispatcher had to say to a Hialeah, Florida teenager on October 12.

In an 18-minute call, excerpts of which were broadcast on local news channel WSVN, Derek Rosa said he stabbed his mother while his younger sister slept in her crib nearby. “She’s dead (…) There’s blood all over the floor,” he said.

The 13-year-old then said he took pictures of the scene to show his friends. “I took pictures and told my friends. Is it bad?” he clarified

The young man also admitted to the dispatcher that he was going to shoot himself, but that he did not want to do it.

The call ended when police arrived and arrested the teenager. The latter now faces charges of first-degree murder and will be tried as an adult, the New York Post.

His father and grandmother appeared last Friday on his behalf.

“It’s very unfortunate that this tragedy happened, but this child is very humble, very respectful and no one could have imagined that this could happen one day,” the teenager’s father Jose Rosa told Local 10.

“He is a child. No one in the house, in the family, considers him an adult”, he added.