for Pope Francis, guns “will never bring peace” – La Nouvelle Tribune

During a moving speech on November 12, 2023, the Pope Francis drew the world’s attention to the tragic conflict between Israel and the Hamas. Speaking from the window of the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, the Pope made a rousing appeal for peace and compassion, highlighting the suffering on both sides of the conflict.

In his statements, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of human dignity, affirming that each person, whether Christian, Jew or Muslim, he deserves to live in peace. This statement comes in a particularly painful context, as the conflict in the Holy Land has led to the death of more than one 1,400 Israelis and more than 10,000 Palestinians since its explosion on October 7. The Pope expressed his deep concern for the victims and their families, imploring the cessation of hostilities.

Violence solves nothing

Insisting on the futility of violence, the Pope condemned the use of weapons which, according to him, will never lead to lasting peace. Stop the guns! They will never bring peace », he warned. He called for the protection of civilian populations and the prompt provision of humanitarian aid, especially in Gaza, where the wounded and civilians are in critical situations. The Pope also called for the release of the Israeli hostages, stressing the urgency of the humanitarian situation in the region.

The Holy Father recalled that the embrace of peace must surround all those who suffer, regardless of their nationality or religion. His call for an immediate truce and the resumption of peace talks reflects his deep commitment to resolving conflicts through dialogue and mutual understanding, rather than force.

In a firm but hopeful tone, Pope Francis hammered home the message: ” Enough, brothers, enough! » This exclamation underlines his burning desire to see the end of suffering and the beginning of a path towards reconciliation and peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Pope has not stopped mentioning other areas of conflict in the world, especially in Sudan and Ukraine. He emphasized the need for comprehensive care and action for peace in these regions as well. These words reaffirm his call for global solidarity and a united humanitarian response to the tragedies that affect humanity.