former assistant claims he’s gay and says he saw him: La Nouvelle Tribune

In the world of Hollywood, rumors and revelations are not uncommon. A few hours ago, an old rumor was revived with a new revelation about Will Smith, one of the most emblematic figures in cinema. In accordance with Brother Bilaala former assistant and friend of Will Smith, the actor allegedly had a sexual relationship Duane Martin, another American actor. This revelation was made during an interview with tashacausing a wave of reactions on the web.

Brother Bilaal shared intimate details about the times he spent with the Smith family during his work. He recounts a particular incident where, while searching for Will Smith, he discovered him in a compromising position with Martin in the latter’s dressing room. According to him, Smith was involved in a sexual act with Martin, describing the scene in a graphic and shocking manner. These allegations, if true, could shed new light on the private life of the actor, who is already well-known.

Comments on the couple Will and Jada

The ex-assistant didn’t stop there. He also discussed Smith’s sex life with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, commenting on their intimate preferences and dissatisfaction. These statements, while explosive, have yet to receive a response from the Smiths or Martin, leaving the public waiting for clarification or a denial.

In addition to these revelations, Brother Bilaal announced the upcoming publication of his memoirs, titled “ Demonic circle Will Smith“, likely promising more revelations about her time spent with the Smith family. This book could add more details to the complex dynamics and secrets of this famous family.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship has long been the subject of public speculation, especially since Jada admitted to having an affair with the singer. August Alsina in 2016. According to her, this affair took place with Will’s permission, which he denied. Alsina claimed that Will gave her his “blessing,” adding another layer of complexity to their already publicly scrutinized marriage.

Despite their seemingly separate lives, the Smiths continue to appear in public together. The most notable recent incident was Will Smith’s infamous hit Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars, after a joke about Jada’s appearance, due to her alopecia. This action ignited a media firestorm, further highlighting the intensity and sensitivity of the personal affairs of the Smith family.

These allegations and recent events only add to the complexity and mystery surrounding Will Smith’s personal life. As audiences eagerly await more details and clarification, these revelations continue to fuel conversation and speculation about one of Hollywood’s most scrutinized couples.

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