France wants to support ECOWAS to “restore democracy” in West Africa – La Nouvelle Tribune

France has recently highlighted its intention to strengthen its support Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The main objective is to support this regional institution in its efforts to restore democracy west africa. This positioning comes in a context where West Africa is facing major challenges. We remember that ECOWAS tried, without success, to impose an electoral agenda in countries like now evilTHE Burkina Faso and the Niger. The military in power with strong support from the population.

It was during his visit to nigeria this Catherine Colonna, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, made this announcement. He went to Abuja to talk to his Nigerian counterpart, Yusuf Tuggar. Nigeria, which plays a prominent role as the current chair of ECOWAS, is at the center of regional decisions.

Strengthen collaboration

The exchanges between Catherine Colonna and Yusuf Tuggar highlighted the need for strengthened collaboration to support ECOWAS efforts. On the current situation, Colonna said: ” We note that the transition schedules have not been respected and that insecurity is worsening. We must do better and we will be there to support the efforts of ECOWAS. The situation cannot remain as it is without harming the future of the population.

As part of its initiatives, ECOWAS has tried to orchestrate debates among its members to establish a common path. However, an important meeting planned Sokoto, in Nigeria, was cancelled. This cancellation created a vacuum, leaving unanswered essential points such as demobilization debates forces announced for a possible intervention in Niger.

The atmosphere within ECOWAS has also evolved in recent months. While military intervention against the military in Niger appeared to be on the table during earlier discussions, the attitude today seems more reserved.

Although France shows its desire to provide more support to ECOWAS, the details of this collaboration are still unclear. In this complex regional context, the synergy of action between international and regional actors will be decisive for the future of West Africa.