Gang rapes: 10-year prison term sought for ‘Arrow Baga’, ultra-violent Nigerian criminal gang

Ten years in prison were requested on Monday against nine of the fifteen members of the Nigerian Arrow Baga criminal gang with ultra-violent methods, tried in Marseille, in the south of France, for gang rapes committed on prostitutes.

The fifteen defendants, prosecuted for “sexual assault in a meeting”, have been on trial since November 6 for their membership in one of the Nigerian mafia gangs that a few years ago settled in the second French city.

Identifiable by their red suits, the Arrow Baga are today widely established in France’s second city, like their compatriots and enemies the Black Axes (the black ones) or the Eiyes (the blue ones).

“Judgments of this magnitude are rare,” prosecutor Marion Luna stressed in her indictment, who asked the court to be very firm after having detailed for four hours the gang’s activities, mainly pimping and aid to the entry and stay of migrants.

“You are not going to eradicate the Nigerian mafia in Marseille, but this investigation has stopped their progress. You have to tell others, those who are not there, that these organizations are banned,” he argued.

The most serious events are the rapes – which the investigating judge sanctioned as sexual assault – suffered during two hours by four Nigerian prostitutes on March 30, 2020, of which only one came to testify in court.

Sentences of between four and nine years in prison were requested against six other defendants, tried for pimping or aiding in illegal residence. The prosecutor also asked the court to find all the defendants guilty of criminal conspiracy.

An arrest warrant has been sought for Dammy Adenekian, one of the three leaders – called Doctor One – of the Arrow Baga, who fled to Italy, as well as David Ofeiwu, alias J-Boy, one of their “men of tomorrow” . .

The prosecutor also asked the court to order a definitive ban from French territory for twelve of the fifteen defendants.