Gaza returnee says he told his daughters Israeli attacks were birthday party bombs

After the group of 32 returnees from the Gaza Strip arrived in Brasilia on Monday evening (13), Hasan Rabee, one of the returnees, visibly moved, reported that he had told his daughters that Israel’s attacks were “smoke bombs”. “.

“What is happening there, in fact, is a massacre. It is difficult for all of you to understand what we are going through there. Bombs were falling everywhere, my daughters were very shocked. During the first week or two we lied that the attacks were birthday party bombs. But we couldn’t hold on for long,” he concluded.

Mohammed Jabr Ismil Abushanab, a resident of Brasilia, married with three Palestinian returnee children, highlighted the sense of fear felt by his family members.

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“The most important thing is that they arrived alive. Unfortunately, they arrived here very scared, 37 days without water, without energy, without internet. I had very little contact with them. It’s very difficult to have energy there. They texted me every few days. They spent five months there,” he stressed.

His wife, Ramalah Abushanab, said she saw people killed in several places and that her family had to move three times. “It’s very dangerous there, almost every street has dead people. She was at her family’s house. She moved three times, she left the first place, this second place, they destroyed it, they moved it to another place,” Mohammed said.

He also indicated that he was considering re-enrolling his children in a Brazilian school and that returning to Gaza was not part of the family’s plans.

“Thank God they are here and they are fine. They speak Portuguese and studied here for four years in a public school. I will re-enroll them in school so that they can resume their studies. They don’t want to go back (to the Gaza Strip), they are too afraid to go back. »