Hamas Hostage Release Negotiations ‘Nearing End,’ White House Says

Spokesman for the US National Security Council, John Kirby, said on Monday (20) that negotiators were “approaching the end” of negotiations on the release of Hamas hostages, but refused to enter into the details of a possible agreement.

He also refused to comment on CCTV footage that Israel says shows two hostages being transported through Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza on October 7.

“I know everyone is interested in the numbers and who they will be. We’re literally working on this in real time with both parties. So I think it’s best not to speculate on what it’s going to be. Obviously, we’re focused on the American citizens that we know are being held hostage and we want them out, all of them, they should all come out now,” Kirby said, interviewed by MJ Lee of CNNwhether any of those who could be released would be American citizens.

Asked what the White House’s level of confidence was in the lives of the American hostages, Kirby replied: “I would say we have no indication to the contrary.” »