He decapitates his grandmother and runs away with the head

A 23-year-old San Francisco man was arrested Friday for allegedly beheading his grandmother before fleeing with the head, several US media reported.

On Thursday afternoon, police in Santa Rosa, California were called to a residence for a homicide. At the scene, officers discovered the body of a headless woman.

Investigators quickly identified Luis Gustavo Aroyo-López as the prime suspect in the case. The man, who is 168 cm and weighs 68 kg, has an imposing tattoo representing the number 420 accompanied by a cannabis leaf on the left side of his head.

According to neighbors, the victim is the young man’s grandmother, but the authorities have not confirmed this information.

Later on Thursday, law enforcement found the head of the deceased that had been left in a public place in Santa Rosa.

The suspect was arrested Friday morning at the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco.

Mr. Aroyo-López had recently been released from prison on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a weapon. He was under community supervision.