He returns his book to the library 45 years late

The public library in the city of Woolworth in England got a big surprise when a lady returned a book she had borrowed in 1978.

The woman in question apparently borrowed Randel Helms’ Tolkien’s World while working at Woolworth’s, but when she lost her job, she moved and took the copy with her, thinking she had returned it.

While cleaning recently, he found the book, which he eventually returned to the library, which graciously accepted the document.

“Of course we don’t fine customers for late books, even if it’s been decades,” Blackpool Libraries said in a Facebook post.

“So if you’re avoiding us because you lost a book in 1976, you’re not in trouble, I promise,” we humorously added to the post.

This late payment policy is also in effect at several libraries in Quebec, including the national archives library (BAnQ).