If there was no court ruling, the wiring could be buried, says SP mayor

The Mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB), said last Monday (6) that, if there was no court decision, the city’s electrical cables could be buried.

“The dealers succeeded, in court, in canceling the obligation to bury the wiring. If it hadn’t been for this court ruling, we would have already done this foundational work,” Nunes said.

“One of our ideas is to use the resources of Cosip (Contribution to the Cost of the Public Lighting Service), charged to the consumer’s electricity bill, to accelerate the grounding of wires in priority areas” , he continues.

According to the mayor, it would take 20 billion reais to bury the entire electricity network in the capital São Paulo. He further explains that around 60 kilometers of cables have already undergone the process.

“We are going to remove around 300 poles in the Central region. The town hall’s work to improve service to the population continues,” he says.

A CNN has contacted Enel and is awaiting a position from the company.

Affected by lack of energy

On Monday, during a press conference alongside Governor Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans), Nunes said 185,000 properties remained without power. In the state there are 300 thousand of them.

After a meeting to discuss measures to address the crisis, Tarcísio also said that the deadline set by Enel to resume supply this Tuesday (7) must be respected.

According to him, the priority is to “restore energy to people”.

Power outage in SP

The power outage affecting São Paulo peaked this weekend, when 3.7 million people were left without power in the state, according to Aneel.

Enel was informed on Monday (6) by the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon). The company says it was the first time it had faced a “climate event of this magnitude”.

A CNNTarcísio said the interruption also caused a lack of water.

State residents reported to CNN several episodes, from loss of food to work difficulties, from the storm.

The Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel) highlighted that 49% of these establishments suffered light to moderate losses due to the situation.

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