In SP, blacks represent 40.26% of the population and 63.90% of people killed by police officers, according to a study

In the state of São Paulo, where 40.26% of the population is black, 63.9% of people killed by security agents last year were black or mixed race. The data is part of the bulletin “Target Skin: the bullet does not miss the black”, prepared by the Observatory Network.

In 2022, there were 419 deaths of black and brown people. The state recorded a 48.32% reduction in the number of deaths caused by security operatives since 2019, when there were 867 casualties.

The capital São Paulo accounts for 37.47% of total cases, with 157 deaths, including 108 blacks. Santos, on the south coast, is the second city with the highest number of cases, with 16 black or brown victims. Campinas, in the interior, in turn comes in second position, with 9 deaths (3.34%).

People aged 18 to 29 make up the majority of victims: 226, or 53.94%. Children and adolescents account for 24 deaths (5.73%).

The bulletin states that the new figures are a result of the policy of reducing lethality combined with the use of body cameras.

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