IN THE VIDEO | ‘It wasn’t me’: Joe Biden jokes after someone falls during his speech

US President Joe Biden made the joke during a speech to the Auto Workers Union on Thursday.

So, in the middle of his speech, Joe Biden stopped when a thud was heard as a person fell.

“Are you right?” he immediately asked the person, making the audience laugh.

“I want the media to know it wasn’t me,” Biden then said, this time drawing laughter from the crowd.

Mr. Biden was speaking at a rally organized by the UAW after the union’s deal with the big three automakers.

The President of the United States made this comment about the media in the wake of recent setbacks. June 1st, for example, he collapsed in front of an alarmed crowd after speaking.

On March 19, 2021, Mr. Biden had he tripped while climbing the stairs of an aerial deviceand most recently in February 2023, he had also fallen down the stairs of the plane.